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Welcome to
Wellington Primary academy

I am very proud to be the Executive Headteacher for Wellington Eagles Primary Academy and Wellington Lions Primary Academy.

As part of the Ascend Learning Trust, we are committed to fulfilling the 3 aims of the Trust:

Excellence in education through compassion, respect and ambition

Value the whole person as much as academic achievement

Each school should be at the centre of its community

Both our schools embrace our vision of ‘The Curious Child’ and share our school values of Kindness, Grit, Integrity, Acceptance, Curiosity and Courageousness.

I hope you enjoy learning more about how we embed these into our daily practice.

Mrs Claire Addis Executive Headteacher
Claire Addis Executive Headteacher
Claire Addis Executive Headteacher

The Wellington Primaries Crest forms part of the Duke of Wellington’s Coat of Arms and recognises the importance of our links with the military community.

Wellington Primary Academy

“School for the curious child”

We value bravery, positivity, respect, kindness and honesty. We believe that if our learners are enthusiastic, resilient, team players, thinkers and aspirational that these approaches to learning and school will guarantee their success both academically and personally.